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4 Things You Should Know about ITC’s Columbus Plant


Location, Location, Location

When ITC decided to expand its wire mesh and steel company to the east coast in 2008, there were a handful of locations to choose from but one stood out the most. Columbus, Ohio was chosen because of its prime location, with only a day drive from the east coast to Kansas and Tennessee. Not only was it for a perfect location but for the great incentives the state of Ohio and city of Columbus offered.

Quality for Quantity

Due to the economic downturn that was still being felt in 2010, ITC was able to secure 667,000 square feet of building for a low-cost, allowing the company to more heavily invest in upgrades and modernization.

Incredible Infrastructure

With the low-cost spending on the building, ITC spent over $7M renovating the facilities. The state-of-the-art building is laid out perfect for process flow and now produces as many tons as the Phoenix plant while only utilizing 40 percent of the building.

Employee Morale

ITC is proud to have employed more than 100 employees at the Columbus plant. With a whole lot of heart and drive, the ITC family is what makes the Columbus plant and ITC Manufacturing the best industry leading manufacturer of wire mesh and steel products.


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