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Buckeyes Beyond the Field Presents Faruk Gole with Corporate Sponsor of the Year Award

Last week, Faruk Gole, President of ITC Manufacturing, was our honored with the ‘Corporate Sponsor of the Year’ award from a local organization, Buckeyes Beyond the Field. Faruk and ITC were recognized for their compassionate support of the central Ohio community.

From left to right: Rodger Cooper, Faruk Gole and Jimmie Bell

Rodger Cooper, President and Founder of Buckeyes Beyond the Field, presented Faruk with award, saying, “ITC has provided a great place to work, and has put a lot of emphasis on employee culture and quality of life for its employees, which then passes on to our community. We are grateful to ITC for its commitments to veterans and its support of Buckeyes Beyond the Field.”

“I’m privileged to be here in support Buckeyes Beyond the Field and all they do to support the community,” said Gole. “ITC would like to thank the city of Columbus and the state of Ohio for the opportunity to open our 675,000 square ft. facility that provides jobs and helps rebuild the local economy.”

Cooper thanked Gole and ITC Manufacturing “for supporting Buckeyes Behind the Field and the community.”

The event was aired on WSYX ABC 6 Facebook Live. Watch the full coverage here:

View the official award letter here:

About Buckeyes Beyond the Field:

Buckeyes Beyond the Field is a personal assistance Program that works jointly with area Veterans, Youth, and other relative organizations to identify and help meet the needs of our communities. The program is primarily focused where the direct support will help improve opportunities for individuals and families that will have a perpetuating lifelong impact without boundaries.

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