Decking Options

  • Super Light Duty Decks: Ideal for lower capacity applications
  • Standard Mesh Decks: For applications up to 2,500 lb capacity
  • Super Heavy Duty Decks: For applications needing over 2,500 lb capacity
  • Outdoor Decks: Zinc-plated or hot-dip galvanized for great weather resistance
  • Anchored Decks: Can be secured to the beam to stop beam separation and prevent deck movement


  • Increases capacity
  • Easy installation
  • High visibility for inventory inspection
  • Minimizes dirt build-up
  • Improves air circulation
  • Decreases insurance premiums
  • Increases overhead sprinkler effectiveness
  • Meets fire code standards
  • Easy maintenance
  • Promotes safety


  • 5 gauge wire
  • 2.5” x 4” grid pattern
  • Powder coat finish
  • All decks meet or exceed the ANSI MH-26.2 guidelines.



Determine Your Needs


The steel support channels welded to the bottom of pallet rack decks supply the load bearing capacity. Step channels provide greater strength than flanged. For some applications such as food storage, inverted channels are used.


Our standard grid patterns are 2.5 x 4. However, we are able to provide multiple patterns to meet your needs. For hand stack applications, customers often need a tighter grid pattern for smaller material.


Although the standard for decking is the 1 1/2″ outside waterfall, variations are available for custom applications. For example, if your customer has a beam with a small beam face of 3″ and wants to use this space for labels, barcodes, SKU numbers, etc., you could use a 1″ waterfall or no waterfall. From a safety standpoint a smaller waterfall is better than no waterfall


Flush Decks can be made with an inside waterfall or a flat flush edge where the end wire comes to the inside edge of the beam. For all flush decks, the deck depth measurement again refers to the outside dimensions of the beams. For example, a 42″ deep flush deck for a standard-style beam will only measure 38 1/4″ deep. It should measure the same as the inside dimension of the beams less a quarter inch for installation. Flush decks are commonly used on lower levels for hand stacking and order picking applications.

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